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Thinking of starting a new career? Our trade school career guide tells you where to start, what to expect in pay, and how the job market will look in the future!
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California Salary Report

California Salary Report

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About Vocational Education

About Vocational Education

If you're not sure what a trade school, vocational school or technical college is, or you just want to learn more about vocational education, we have the answers.
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Welcome to Trade Schools in California!

Trade schools in California are an outstanding option for anyone interested in starting a new career or acquiring the skills necessary to advance in a current one. The Golden State’s world-class system of nationally-accredited trade schools provides training programs in everything from automotive technology to video game design.

These institutions are easily accessible to all of the state’s residents, with campuses and online programs available in every significant population center, and many rank among the national leaders in placing their graduates in good-paying jobs.

Trade Schools in CA

Trade Schools vs. Traditional Education

For decades there was a popular perception that a professional degree or certification from a trade school was inferior to a degree from a traditional university. As the workplace has become increasingly technology-driven and dependent upon people with specialized technical skills, however, this view has changed.

Because California trade school students study a curriculum specifically tailored to their chosen profession, they enter the workplace after only two years with the type of relevant, hands-on, technical training that employers look for. Even better, they come to the job interview already certified as a professional in the exact skill set required for the open position.

Contrast the aforementioned scenario with the one faced by recent university graduates who usually have no prior experience, no professional certification, and have spent the past four-plus years studying a variety of subjects that have nothing to do with the job they’re interviewing for. If you were the employer, which applicant would you rather hire?

Which Types of Career Programs are Available?

With so many vocational schools in California to choose from, training for almost any type of career is readily available. Whether its through trade schools in Southern California or trade schools in bay area, professional certification programs are offered for pretty much every field you can imagine but, due to growing demand for qualified people in certain industries, most trade schools focus on training students for these popular careers in these fields:

Southern California

Trade Schools California – SO Cal

Across Southern California there are some of the best trade schools in the country. Below are the biggest cities in SO. Cal and there trade school options:
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Diego

Northern California

Trade Schools California – NO Cal

Northern California also has many highly regarded and accredited trade schools.
Bay Area

Tips to Selecting California Trade Schools

How to Find Trade Schools in California

Finding Vocational Schools in California as mentioned in the opening, there are literally hundreds of fully-accredited, high-quality trade schools across the Golden State. Finding the right one for your particular needs is really a matter of determining: whether you want to go to a physical campus or take classes online, how much you can afford to pay for school, and which local trade schools offer the type of career training that interests you. Fortunately, you can easily find all of the information you need to choose a school right here on the internet as there is no shortage of sites offering student reviews of different programs, ratings which compare the schools to one another, and links to the trade schools web pages.

CA Vocational Training Resources

Additional Resources for CA Vocational Education

Start Your Search Today!

Let’s be honest. The U.S. economy and job market are going through a major paradigm shift right now. With so many industries sending jobs overseas never to return, the careers that will be in demand in California in the years ahead are forecasted to be mostly the type of highly-skilled, technical jobs that people need in every community throughout the state.

Trade schools in California offer you affordable, two-year programs that will make you professionally certified in these very types of jobs. Whether you’re ideal job is in nursing, computers, the culinary arts, business administration or virtually any other technical field, one of these outstanding educational institutions can set you on the path to the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Recommended Trade Schools in California!

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