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Trade School Careers - Vocational Careers

Auto mechanics, nursing assistants, chefs, beauticians and electricians are usually the professions that come to mind for most when they think about traditional trade school careers. It often comes as a surprise then to learn that today’s technical colleges also produce website designers, engineers, accountants, health care providers and any number of other types of highly-skilled professionals who earn large salaries and work in fields that were once reserved for those with four-year college degrees. Indeed, for many successful members of the workforce, the road to the career of their dreams ran not through an elite traditional university, but through a high-quality trade school program.

Why Start Your Career at a Trade School?

The biggest advantage that trade schools hold over traditional colleges is the amount of relevant, hands-on experience that students acquire during their two years of study. While traditional university students sit in classrooms with over a hundred of their peers, often studying material that has no practical application to their chosen career path, vocational education students are in small classes where the instructor not only knows their name, but is also able to give each of them one-on-one training in the exact skills they will use every day in their professional career.

Even better, trade school students complete their education in just two years and enter the workforce with either a professional certification or degree in their field. Because most programs also include internships and other opportunities to work part-time in their industry for school credit, new trade school graduates also enter the job market with valuable experience under their belt. In short, they start their careers sooner than traditional college graduates, and better qualified for their preferred job.

Trade School Certifications and Degrees vs. Traditional College Degrees

Diploma or DegreeMany prospective students are worried that their trade school certification or degree will be viewed by employers as inferior to a traditional college degree. The fact is, in many professions, the opposite is actually true.

In addition to the aforementioned issue of previous job-related experience, the vocational school graduate has another big advantage over most other job applicants – a demonstrated passion for the job he or she is applying for. Employers interview scores of applicants who may have an impressive educational background, but who ultimately are just looking for “a job”. The trade school graduate arrives at the interview with a resume that shouts “I want this job, and I’ve studied for two years to make sure I’m successful when I get it!”

The level of career-specific focus and passion that a professional certification or degree displays to an employer is often more than enough to tip the scales in the vocationally-educated applicant’s favor. When combined with actual, relevant experience in the skills required to succeed in the open position, it’s a tough combination for the competitors to beat.

About Specific Trade School Careers

If your career ambition is to become a successful cosmetologist, paralegal or graphic artist, vocational education is still an excellent way to get a great-paying job quickly. But if you’re interested in pursuing a high-paying, highly-technical career path, you may get there just as rapidly by studying for two years at a technical college.

Trade school careers today are available in virtually every industry. For example, California trade schools alone offer training programs for no fewer than 50 different professional fields (and many different professions within each) ranging from business administration to digital media to pharmacy technology and everything in between. If you’re interested in starting an exciting new career in the field of your dreams, don’t hesitate. Start searching for a trade school near you today!

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